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The weather expression holds that you wouldn't send a dog in weather like this ... but dogs need exercise even when it's pouring rain, hail, or foggy and humid outside, which is where Mancha & Lola's makes polyester to order McIntosh water resistant. in Game. Equipped with a tactile velcro closure and a largely practical hood, this dog-sized protection against the elements will wake up even the guest dog on rainy days.

Production time of three days.

Dog Hoodies for Indoors or Outdoor Wear:

If you want to keep your furry friend warm and stylish, a dog hoodie is the perfect choice. Dog hoodies are great for indoor wear during cooler months or outdoor wear on chilly days. They come in a variety of sizes, colors, and styles to fit any breed and personality. Hoodies can also help protect your dog from the sun's harmful rays during outdoor activities. Whether you're going for a walk around the block or snuggling up on the couch, a dog hoodie is a must-have accessory for any pup.

Shop Dog Hoodies Online at Mancha & Lola:

Mancha & Lola offers a wide selection of high-quality dog hoodies online. Our hoodies are made with soft and durable materials that will keep your furry friend comfortable all day long. We have an extensive collection of colors and designs to choose from so you can find the perfect hoodie to match your pup's style. Our hoodies are easy to clean and maintain, so they will look new even after multiple washes. Shop our collection today and give your pup the gift of warmth and comfort!


It depends on the climate and your dog's individual needs. If you live in an area with colder temperatures, a hoodie can provide extra warmth and protection for your furry friend. It can also be helpful for dogs who are sensitive to cooler temperatures or have short fur.

It is generally okay to leave a hoodie on a dog as long as it fits properly and doesn't restrict their movement or breathing. However, it's important to monitor your dog while they are wearing the hoodie to ensure they are comfortable and not overheating.

A dog hoodie should fit snugly but not too tight. It should allow for free movement of the legs and neck without rubbing or chafing the skin. The hood should also fit comfortably around the head without obstructing vision or breathing.

When choosing a dog hoodie, consider your pup's size, breed, and personality. Look for materials that are soft, durable, and easy to clean. Consider the climate you live in and whether your pup will be wearing the hoodie indoors or outdoors. Choose colors and designs that match your pup's style and personality. Finally, make sure the hoodie fits properly by measuring your dog's chest girth and length before purchasing.