Mancha & Lola’s dog walking services are lovingly scaled and customized to your needs as a pet owner in NYC. Covering all of Manhattan, our discreet and experienced staff takes pride in the security, attentiveness and joy we provide to your furry yellow travel. Curious to discover our expert staff and approach to the top dog waking experience? Contact our founder, Luciano Sabbag at to learn more about our bespoke canine journeys based on a very special individual.

New York's Trusted, Caring, and Reliable Dog Walkers

We know that you love your dog and want the best for them. But sometimes, it can be difficult to accompany them on their morning walk.

If, like most dog parents, you are too busy to take your dog out for a walk, contact Mancha and Lola – a trusted dog walking service designed for busy New Yorkers.

We have many years of experience handling dogs of all breeds and sizes, and we focus on building a solid rapport from day one to make sure they always follow commands – whether on or off leash.

Our dog walking services include playful activities, free runs, and belly rubs that your dog will definitely appreciate.

So, please book an appointment or get on a call to discover how we can help your dog have loads of fun while saving your precious time.

Professionally Trained Dog Walkers in Manhattan, NYC

With Mancha and Lola, you can rest assured that your little furry friend will be in safe hands. Our dog walkers are fully trained in animal behavior, grooming, and obedience. So no matter what your dog needs, we will take care of it for you.

We understand that Manhattan is a crowded city, and navigating busy streets with your little furball in tow can be challenging. So, why not let our professionals walk your dog in your locality's safest neighborhoods and parks? That way, you can focus on other important tasks without stressing about your dog's well-being.

No matter where you are located in Manhattan, we will pick up your dog from your doorstep and bring them back after an hour of fun and playful activities.

Schedule Your Dog Walking Appointment with Us

Scheduling your dog walking appointment in Manhattan, NYC, is fairly easy with us. Fill out our contact form and hit 'send'. We will get back to you shortly with the booking confirmation. If you have any questions or want to tell us more about your furry friend, we'd be happy to listen and tailor our services accordingly.

Please ensure that your dog has been duly vaccinated and has at least basic training. We can even teach them a thing or two about behaving in public and around other dogs. If your dog is anxious in general or has behavioral problems, please let us know at the time of booking so we can send out the best person for the job.

Please get in touch!