Snoopy Raincoat


Keep your furry best friendly and dry with the 100% Water Resistant Snoopy Print PVC Nylon Poncho from Mancha & Lola. Printed with the image of the world's most iconic canine, this lightweight, reversible look is available in pink or yellow. The belted velcro belly closure adjusts smoothly to secure the puppy's mac year-round. For summer, the lightweight fabric protects your girl from wet rain, while the fluffy side of the micro-dot for winter can be pulled out during the colder months to trap heat and defend against snowflakes or winds. cold.

  • Material: polyester
  • Features: Water Resistant
  • Product production: made to order
  • Production time: three days to design
  • Style: unisex

Mancha & Lola works with water resistant velcro made in a sustainable way to guarantee safer and more resistant closures on all our garments.