Moon Winter Jacket


This soft shell waterproof, breathable fabric, that repels water while allowing water vapor to pass through.
This wonderful fabric is WINDPROOF, WATERPROOF, breathable and feels lightweight. 
It is comprised of 3 bonded layers:
The outer layer of the fabric is strong and has the ability to stretch, giving you more flexibility during the cold weather outdoor activities 
The middle layer, DINTEX, blocks the wind and rain entirely while still allowing the skin to breathe and the outer layer of the fabric is comfortable against the skin. It won't make you sweat or make "swooshing sounds" while you walk. 

  • Fabric: Blend
  • Face: Polyester 94%, Spandex 6%
  • Back: Polyester 100%
  • Membrane: 100% Polyurethane
  • Product production: made to order
  • Production time: three days to design
  • Style: unisex
  • Time Disclaimer: Due to the nature of custom dog apparel, some orders may take a little more time and care to create in our studio. Please inform us at the time of purchase of any special time limitations and we will try to accommodate your needs sensitively and quickly.

Mancha & Lola works with water resistant velcro made in a sustainable way to guarantee safer and more resistant closures on all our garments.